Saturday, 9 July 2011

Mini shop at House of Fraser beauty department

Today i seeked a couple of items of my wishlist!

I went to the Clinque counter and picked up clarifying lotion 3, the lady at the counter asked me if id ever tried the 3 step skincare range (which i haven't) so she gave me two generous sized (30ml) samples of cleanser and moisturiser

This 3 step skincare range is aimed at my combination to oily skin

1. Free sample of liquid facial soap in oily skin formula
2.Clarifying lotion 3 in combination oily - £15 for 200ml
3. Free sample of Dramatically different moisturising gel

Then I headed over to the trusty MAC counter, whilst searching online I noticed they had re-released the lipstick Ever Hip - £13.50 

I realise this is a shoddy Iphone picture but i'll do a review on it very soon!

FayellaFairy xxx

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