Thursday, 21 April 2011

ootd for 19th april & M.A.C candy yum yum

Here's my outfit of the day from the 19th April

Feather hairband from primark - price approx £1.50
Miso maxi dress - price approx £29.99
D&G Sunglasses - approx £100
M.A.C Lipstick candy yum yum

I recently got candy yum yum lipstick from the 'Quite Cute' collection and as i said before its sold out very quickly!

I love candy yum yum and as its summer i wear it during the day too! 

FayellaFairy xx 


  1. The colour really suits you! I know a lot of people went out and bought it when Kelly Osbourne tweeted that she was wearing it. I don't think it's a colour that many people could pull off though! I'm very jealous! x

  2. oh didnt realise Kelly Osbourne had candy yum yum, i just thought it was a die for colour, ive got some crazy colour lipstick might do a crazy brights lipstick blog post lol