Sunday, 2 February 2014

Week in pictures #2

Hello Everyone!

From a very snotty and ill me! :( I've come down with the dreaded cold and im not feeling to great! Managed to polish off a bottle of cold and flu medicine, sniff all the vicks and Olbas oil i have and unfortunately im still feeling grim. :(  However ive had a lovely week, started the week off with a Barre Concept class and my butt and legs were burning the next day ( I love that feeling!) Managed to do 5 exercise sessions this week and lost 1 pound :) 

Here's my week in Pictures:


My colourful workout clothes

Models own nail baish in Pink Fizz

Clean eating - salsa, quinioa, avocado and egg 

Mirror selfie after workout

H&M gym bras 

Got a few blog posts planned for this coming week as ive been purchasing and swapping lots :)

Lots of Love 
FayellaFairy xx