Friday, 17 May 2013

New Fitness regime

Its been a super long time since i last blogged and there's loads to tell you all about, First i thought i'd start with a updated fitness regime. Around January 2013 i decided to start Pilates with You tubes Cassy Ho at Blogilates. The best thing about it is Cassy spends loads of time making workout calenders and had new video out each week, she also blogs lots! She is very real...she shares her inner most feelings and at the same time is very inspiring and motivational. To find out more, check out her website  :) She also has a shop with super cute workout gear, i'll save the cute items for another post :) 
Me wearing Mika yoga wear shorts #thighgap!

Around the same time i decided to take up pole fitness and i'm absolutely hooked on this, pairing pole and Pilates ive never had such a super strong body and its only going to get stronger! I've lost around a stone or so since i last blogged and i'm feeling super fit and healthy. I also have some visible abs! You know the nice little line you get down the sides? 

Here's a few show off pics of me on the pole 

Cross ankle release

Just posing - practicing for future moves such as lunch box  & bow and arrow

Split grip butterfly - workout calender as mt desktop background