Saturday, 30 April 2011

OOTD 30/04

Hope you've all been lapping up the sun today! Here's my OOTD taken outside the pub having a cheeky vino!

M and I
Plaited headband - Swap on
Sunglasses - Airport approx £100
Leather jacket - New look approx £30 in sale
Maxi dress - F&F Tesco - £20.00
Bag - River Island £36.99
Sandals (which you cant see) Primark - approx £4
You cant really see my make up but im wearing M.A.C Giggly on my cheeks and M.A.C Blooming Lovely on my lips

and in-case your interested M is wearing all next clothing

I love the village isn't the background pretty! Such a lovely place to be in summer outside the country pub having a drink and watching a spot of cricket!


Friday, 29 April 2011

Asos mini splurge! and shred update!

Hello Ladies! 

I have in fact lost 6 pounds in the last 2 weeks! whoop! An inch off my tummy and I'm loads fitter! Still got a way to go but i'm still a happy bunny!When ive finished I will have some pictures for you but look at your own risk.

Anyway, now ive updated you on my shred, i will now commence to my mini haul at ASOS earlier today (5 mins ago)

ASOS Square Buckle Skinny Boyfriend Belt


ASOS Set of Four Vintage Style Grips

£8.00NOW £2.80

ASOS PUMPKIN Suede Pointed Court Shoes

As seen on Frankie from the Saturdays 

River Island Horseshoe And Flower Two Pack Studs (+)


And there we have it!
Whether you love it or loathe it i though id show some appreciation for Will and Kate on their big day 

AWWWW! how cute! What did you think of the dress? Love it or Hate it? It wasn't my cup of tea but very much suited her and looked AMAZING! 

FayellaFairy xxx

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Accessorize - English Country Garden

Just been on the accessorize website and most items screamed 'British' and 'English country garden', so i got inspired to make a mish mash set of everything i thought an 'English county garden' set should have! Most items do come from but there are a few items that dont.......
 My favourite item is the maxi dress from French connection at House of Fraser!

French Connection halter dress
110 GBP -

Union jack bag
40 GBP -

Carved ring
8 GBP -

Floral Union Jack Pen at Accessorize
1 GBP -

Monday, 25 April 2011


As you may or may not know recently Tesco have 'up'd their game' in the clothes department! I've been endlessly searching for some decent Maxi dresses and I found them at Tesco! I shop at Tesco all the time and im rewarded with clubcard points every time i do a shop which usually goes into my Christmas savers fund. However,  i had some vouchers left over form years ago and used them on 'The big Easter exchange' £5 turns into £10 in a department of your choice and i obviously picked clothes! So for a grand total inclusing delivery of £8.45 i got these two gorgeous Maxi dresses! 

F&F Floral Hawaii Print Maxi Dress


And then 

F&F Vintage Rose Print Maxi Dress

i'm in total love with the second dress, super excited for them to arrive

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Spring/Summer hair trends 2011

Hi guys, the whole world seems to be house clearing and me and the boy are doing exactly that! The local tip has queues and queues of cars outside! I know its a little bit to nice to be clearing out but i feel a like my house is a little bit of a charity shop (may i add a really good one). Anyway i thought id just show you a few of my favourite hair styles!

1. SEX HAIR! I always have my hair cut so its long at the bottom and short at the top. To create 'sex hair' i first straighten my hair, I then ruff it up a bit (you can back comb the roots to do this). i will then hair spray the hair and add Tigi Root Boost to the roots and done! 

2. High Messy Bun (chignon - shin-yon) - This is obviously very quick and easy! First i put my hair as if it going into a really high pony tail, then i twist my hair around itself and tie up with a hair band (you can also secure this with bobby pins, i just don't have any atm). I then play about with the bun so its quite messy. i then use a pretty headband to jazz up the look 

3. Double knot - take two sections of hair tie it in a knot and then tie in a knot again, secure with bobby pins (this also work great on straight aswell as curly hair 

and there you have it! my favourite is messy up do! 
FayellaFairy xxx

Thursday, 21 April 2011

ootd for 19th april & M.A.C candy yum yum

Here's my outfit of the day from the 19th April

Feather hairband from primark - price approx £1.50
Miso maxi dress - price approx £29.99
D&G Sunglasses - approx £100
M.A.C Lipstick candy yum yum

I recently got candy yum yum lipstick from the 'Quite Cute' collection and as i said before its sold out very quickly!

I love candy yum yum and as its summer i wear it during the day too! 

FayellaFairy xx 

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

What i'm Loving in the month of March/April

Clothes and accessories 

My miso maxi dress i brought last year cant remember the price must havd been around 29.99
My d&g sunnies brought in the airport last year for around £100 

These asos sandals that cost me £17.00 brought last year

My River Island Satchel - still in store 


M,A.C cut a caper lipstick brilliant coral colour limited edition to the tartan tale collection

Benefit coralista 

Any black eyeliner!

M.A.C haute and naughty mascara 


Lush bubblegum lip scrub 

Clarise cosmetics lipblam in cherry flavour and in bubblegum flavour and a £1.99 you cant really go wrong! my partner commented on how soft my lips were! 

Lush aqua marabis scrub 

This is what ive been loving - what do you love? 
FayellaFairy xxx 

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Missguided shopping

I love missguided, i could spend some serious serious pounds in there, if i had the money :( anyway here's what i picked up! 


  • £18.99



    • £18.99

      Just need to wait for them to arrive now super excited! 

      FayellaFairy xx

Monday, 18 April 2011

Spring nail trends 2011.....contrasting colour

Its easy just choose two contrasting colours to get HOT spring nails 

I've chosen to pair OPI Dulce de leche 

With Avon Viva Pink 

To create this fun spring look

Be creative you can use two colours to create loads of fun looks or take inspiration from this half moon look and use white and black 

Or go a la Dita Von Teese wit this red and white look

Get inspired, be creative! 
Fayellafairy xxx

Sunday, 17 April 2011


Hi guys i been so ill recently hence lack of blog posts!

Recently i've decided to endeavour on the 30 day shred combined with healthy eating. Im now on day 3 if the shred and my arms are aching quite alot but i'm hoping to get good results!

What is it?

Its a workout by Jillain Micheals, that promises about 20 lbs loss in 30 days and a amazing toned body!

Most people don't lose 20 lbs but get amazingly toned, you start seeing results in 5 days and i'm on day three so i hope to see something happening soon!  

Id love to show you before and after results of people that have done the shred but id be totally picture stealing! Id also love to show you my befores and afters, but i don't want to scar you all for life with the before pictures. (Maybe i will if i get interest and my after pics are awesome! and noone minds a post partrum stomach)

As you all know im on Weight watchers also.... and today i cooked this 

 Diet coke chicken from weight watchers users shared recipes 


passata sauce
diced chicken (1 lb)
chinese 5 spice
can of diet coke
ready to wok noodles


brown the chicken off with the onions then add the rest of the things to the pan. give a good mix and leave to simmer for 20 mins! quick easy and tasty

6 propoints i also added green beans to mine! 

Lovely and filling!

Fayellafairy xx 

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Big wardrobe swaps, song of the day and my long weekend

Just thought id show some items ive had in swaps recently....

First, these fabulous faith heels with red sole cute!

Topshop cable leggings

Zara studded waistcoat

Topshop cream cardigan with gold balls all over

Paris motif jumper

Cheryl cole style dress
Topshop style high waisted mini skirt i was meant to get the grey but loat it and sent me a denim one instead, but looks like this

A fabulous bnwt miso dress...this is my favourite swap so far much better in real than in pictures
And then my fav person on bigwardrobe underthebirchtree is sending me this me this...nars blush in sex appeal (who ever though of the blush names for nars has sex on the brain...'deep throat' being the worse possible name for a blush!)

And birchtree was kind enough to pick me up 'Candy yum yum' from her local M.A.C store for me. Candy yum yum is from the 'Quite Cute' collection and is a VERY popular colour looking at my blog im following two people that have already picked up this gorgeous colour! Sold out online already which is where i mainly place my orders

On to my songs of the day! With the British sun showing it face this weekend, ive been partial to a little bit of loud music listening! Apart from blasting Queen out of my car (I went to see 'We Will Rock You' recently) lol ive been partial to these two songs, which make me want to dance!

Now onto my long weekend!

I had the greatest weekend i've had for a long time, with out going into huge details, ive been wanting to see all my old mates for a long time now but even more so due to some recent events and one called me up at weekend! my really good friend 'A', old picture but 'A' and I

We chilled out in the sun and had a drink, went out to eat (the boy and the kiddies came too ) and he cut my hair - BAD Iphone pic and i have no make up on :O just lipstick :) but you can see i now have a side fringe and my hair more smooth and healthy at the ends, i like the light feeling of your hair after a cut!

Apart from that ive been to family gatherings, on picnics and generally lazed around in the sun, but i also went to the long awaited Peppa Pig World at Paultons park!

Heres a few pics from the day!

And then a lovely pic of 'M' and I

I do recommend going if you have kids but as it opened recently there's such big queues for all the peppa rides (so much so that we didnt get to go on alot). 'M' is a big peppa fan and enjoyed it but next time i will take her when all the older ones are back at school. I love the way they thought all the rides and even statues out, everything is related to the program and the kids can already relate everything to see to the show. There's a special Peppa pig shop and I was delighted to see the prices of Peppa merchandise haven't been inflated, and costs what it will do in the shop. If i want to be really anal about things they should have put seprate toilets in the play area, the children have to come out the play area out side and round the side of the building. APART FROM THAT A MUST FOR ALL PEPPA FANS!