Thursday, 26 May 2011

Free Pai skincare

Try out Pai skincare for free and delivery charge applies (£3.50)

The trial pack (RRP £8) includes 
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  • 5ml Trial Size Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser.

  • 10% discount voucher to use on your first full-size order emailed to you after purchase.

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    Sunday, 22 May 2011

    Nails of the day 22/05/11

    NOTD so as i heard there's a heatwave coming to us in lot in England, i decided it was time to brighten up my nail polish!

    Even though there been little evidence of a heatwave i quickly freshened up my nails with Essies Tart Deco

    I brought mine here at Enchantedbeuatyspot, all genuine products and this little star is a go to for all British girls wanting to get hold of cheaper good branded nail vanish! 

    FayellaFairy xxxx

    Saturday, 21 May 2011

    Dupe for M.A.C creme cup

    So I got a Avon order delivered to me yesterday and ive always swooned over the colour 'Pout'. I opened it up and put it on my lips and thought to myself this is similar to Creme cup. I went through my stuff found Creme cup and swatched it next to Avon's Pout and this is what i saw.

    Despite the look of a slight different colouring they are almost or actually an 100% dupe! 

    M.A.C Creme cup is £13.50 and available at M.A.C
    Avon Pout is £7.00 and avaible from your local representative or Online 

    FayellaFairy xxx

    Thursday, 19 May 2011

    What's in my Glossybox no:1 May 2011

    Hey Everyone,

    I missed the delivery of my Glossybox and on the back of the 'sorry we missed you' card it said 24 hours wait! So I decided to run after him and I caught up with him. yay! So this is what was in my lovely Glossybox! If you didn't read my previous post all of this including postage cost me £10, and i was so lucky to get in there for the first box as they had such high demand!  

    So as you can see all the packaging is super super cute! this is the delivery box itself how pretty is that? 

    As you can see its all very very pretty, i love the fact they obviously thought out every last detail of the box! 

    Inside i got an information card telling me about all the products inside my Glossybox! and a 10% discount on Comoshambhala 

    So here we go then...the first product was highly talked about before the box even came out! But im pleased to say i got a Nars Orgasm Illuminator! and its full sized at 30ml, this product alone would have cost you £21.50 to buy from Nars and the box cost me £10 and i have a few more products to share with you still!

    What the card says: 'Nars Orgasm Illuminator, this silky highlighter creates instant radiance, giving skin a perfectly dewy spring glow. Universally flattering on all skin types'. 

    2. All for Eve Eve Red Lipstick

    I do believe this is a full sized product again as it looks about the same size as all my lipsticks! this would have cost £10.50 in the shops and its such an amazing colour! so happy with this! 

    What the card says 'eve red lipstick was created by celebrity make artist Daniel Sandler.This long lasting colour was designed to instil courage and piose in all who wear it'.

    3. Bionova lab - Bionova cleanser for normal/dry skin

    What the card says: This cleanser gently removes all traces of impurities without damaging the skins natural barrier system. Suitable for normal and dry skin. 4ml worth

    4. Alterna caviar Anti Ageing rapid repair spray

    This was a 25ml version and I felt this is a decent size I know 100ml retails at around the 20 odd pound mark so just over £5 worth of product here! 
    What the card says: 'Treat your hair with this vitamin packed finishing spray that immediately tranforms the look and feel of hair.The lightweight spray can be used throughout the day, reatoring vibrancy to dull and dry hair'. This smells wonderful just had a cheeky spray!

    5. COMO shambhala invigorate body lotion 50ml

    What the card says: 'Refresh yourself with this light hydrating body moisturiser. Skin- softening eucapltus, mood enhancing lavender and stimulating peppermint make this the perfect wake me up'. 

    Im over the moon with my box! I think it was well worth what i paid for it and more, ill be keeping my subscription for next months box! What do you think? will you be purchasing a box? 

    FayellaFairy xxx

    Sunday, 15 May 2011

    Recent swaps from if you don't already know, is one of the biggest swap site for girls that i know of! If you haven't already joined then please do so here....

    So here's the swaps ive been lucky enough to get of Big Wardrobe

    Topshop Poppy Dress

    M.A.C Giggly

    M.A.C Blooming Lovely

    A bundle of 15 tops

    Topshop horse jumper
    Pair of beige wedges 

    the wedges are sooooo much better in real life! 

    FayellaFairy xxx

    Shred update!

    Hi Everyone,

    Im now on level 3 of the shred! WOW! So excited that I've been able to make it this far! Its my few days left of the shred and I've finally worked out what to do next.....INSANITY! So here's the statistics for the 10 days just gone on level 2! 

    I gained 1 pound but this week ive lost - 5cm from my waist, -3cm from my hips, 2cms from my bust - 0.5 cms from my thighs, anything i haven't mentioned remained the same. 

    Id really love to show you pictures its AMAZING! but i cant bring myself to do that atm!

    So all together in 20 days my total loss from doing the shred is as follows 

    Waist - 10cm 

    Hips - 3cm
    Bust - 7.5 cm  
    Arms - same
    Thighs - 3 cm 

    I feel fantastic to have achieved this and if I can do this ANYONE can! 

    FayellaFairy xxx  

    Wednesday, 11 May 2011

    Outfit of the day 11/05/11

    Hi girls,
    Worked out the timer thingy on the camera and here a proper OOTD picture!

    Headband Primark - must have been £1.50
    Topshop pu biker jacket - £55
    Topshop top - Swap on big
    Bay trading jeans - Ebay worked out to about £2.50 or something like that
    Bag River island - £36.99
    Shoes ASOS - cant remember price

    And thats it hope you like it 
    FayellaFairy xx

    Barry M nail polish haul!

    There was and still is 3 for 2 on at so i took advantage of this and purchased all the Barry M products that i was interested in.

    First, I got Barry M Nail Effects Paint in Black Magic for £3.99

    Ive got it on my toes atm and it looks something like this:

    Then i purchased Barry M Limited Edition Nail paint for £2.99 which was actually free thanks to 3 for 2 

    Then i purchased Barry M Nail Paint in Ice Cream blue 306 for £2.99

    Barry M nail paint in Mushroom  for £2.99 which was actaully free with 3 for 2 

    Barry M nail Paint in ice cream purple £2.99 

    And finally Barry M Paint In Ice Cream Pink £2.99

    and thats its! So glad i got some great colours for spring/summer! whats your favourite? Have you got any of these what do you think? 
    FayellaFairy xxxx

    Saturday, 7 May 2011

    OOTD 05/05 - Date night -SOTD - NOTD

    So first up OOTD from date night

    Me and the boy enjoyed a nice Indian restaurant, not far from our house and this was a few pics i took, so you could get an idea of what i was difficult to get a shot of yourself! I'm pretty useless with the timer section on my camera!

    River Island Victoriana tunic -  £26.99
    River Island bow belt - £14.99
    River island distressed skinny jeans - had them 2/3 years from this post
     ASOS PUMPKIN Suede Pointed Court Shoes - £60 from this Post

    This picture is to show how voluminous my hair is and also to show you that I threw a boyfriend blazer i brought from tesco on. You can also see my very cute d&g watch and also baby finger prints! The boy would let my son see himself in the mirror just after ive cleaned it! 

    To achieve this hair look, first wash your hair and then apply Tigi bedhead root boost and i also like to use loreal damage care spray, I then dried my hair with the blow-dryer and straightened bits of hair, the bits i didn't straighten I created a beach wave. To create a beach wave you need to start about 2 inches from your root, take the hair in your straighteners instead of pulling down turn the straighter 180 degrees and then pull an inch or two (dependent on length/waves wanted) then turn back the other way 180 degrees and pull carry on this until you've completed the length of your hair, make sure the ends are straight! and there you have it!

    Lip colour - M.A.C - Viva Glam GaGa

    Song of the day is.......
    LMFAO Party Rock Anthem 

    Just got my self a nice little nail vanish haul from, which i will talk about soon but within this little haul i did purchase Barry M limited edition nail paint £2.99 or free on the 3 for 2 offer.

    The camera showed it a little bit more purple than it is, its more pink, the stock picture is a better representation of the colour! 

    that's all for now
    Fayellafairy xxx

    Thursday, 5 May 2011

    FOTD AND NOTD - 05/05/2011

    Good morning (GMT) everyone!

    So i got my eyebrows waxed yesterday as you will see soon in my face of the day! I love them when they are all nice and shaped, somehow i feel it makes my face look different? Anyway here's my face of the day and products used on my face as follows.....


    Mac Studio fix fluid in NC40
    Mac Sheer loose powder in NC40 
    Mac Dainty blush
    Mac Painterly paintpot on base
    Mac All that glitters - over the top of painterly on base
    Mac - Handwritten on crease and outer V
    Bad girl Mascara 
    Boujour Sweet Kiss

    And have you noticed something??.......No not that the table needs a not wearing eye-liner its a miracle, and im totally OK without it I think it makes me look fresher? 

    Better look at the eyes 

    So then now on to Nails of the day! I used two products to create this look 


    To create this look I used:
    ELF Royal Purple 
    Essies Matte about you (creates a matte look with any nail vanish)

    What do you think? Ive only ever done the matte look on black nail vanish on a night out, Do you like NOTD  and FOTD? 

    Im now going to go do some much needed housework and prepare for date night tonight! What are you doing today? Whatever it is have a good one! 

    Thats all for now
    FayellaFairy xxx 

    Wednesday, 4 May 2011

    Republic shopping - inspiration and yesterday OOTD

    At the weekend I did a bit of on-line shopping at Republic and this is what I got... 

    Miso Floral Pocket Playsuit - £24.99

    and then this Soul Cal Deluxe Vintage Denim jacket for £34.99

    Love this stuff i brought and im wearing the denim jacket over a maxi dress today! 

    A little inspiration from a very healthy looking person! Jordin Sparks has lost 30Lbs and looks amazing! She recently posted this picture up of her now on Twitter 


     I'll definitely aspire to have that body i think its very healthy with amazing curves! 

    And on to OOTD for yesterday, bit cold yesterday so I wore as follows


    Jeans - River Island (I Think ive had them about 2/3 years)
    Top - River Island (cant remember price but they have one in similar at the moment for £29.99)
    Cardigan - river island navy edge to edge button cardigan - £32.99 (They have white and orange colour-ways in at the moment)
    Nails - Palace mews but Nails inc  - 10p Charity Shop

    Better Picture of the cardigan! 

    I'm still shredding guys day 15 today! Half way there! Really feel like i'm going to make it to the end! Just need to decide what DVD I will do next! Not sure whether to do another of her DVD's or do one of the Shaun T DVD's. The Boy is taking me to dinner tomorrow night, definitely going to wear the nude ASOS heels from this Post. Got them yesterday and i love them even more in the flesh! Will defo do a OOTD when i go out tommorow! 

    Thats all for now, thanks for reading!
    FayellaFairy xxx

    Tuesday, 3 May 2011

    Can't wait for my Glossybox!

    The idea of Birchbox has finally come to the U.K and im so so so excited!! See this link to find out all about glossybox!

    The idea is you are sent 5 miniatures (not beauty counter sized bigger than that) of high end beauty brands,every month for £10 with free delivery! I like the element of surprise in these boxes and you are asked to fill in a quick survey after ordering so they can alter the box to your taste. They also have a loyalty scheme called 'glossydots' and feedback on the box  gets you 'glossydots' to redeem! 

    Head here to pick yours up

    Of course i will be doing a 'Whats in the glossybox!' blog post 

    FayellaFairy xxx

    Monday, 2 May 2011

    The difference the shred has made - Day 13

    I take 2 days off the shred during the week to make sure i don't get ill over doing myself! (i overdid it the first time i tried it and ended up in bed for 3 days) I haven't got pictures that i'm willing to show just yet but thought id talk pounds and inches! (in my case cm's) 

    As i think i've reported I lost 6 pounds in the last 2 weeks by following the Weight Watchers plan and doing the 30 day shred DVD by Jillian Michaels!

    So on to to cms lost 

    Waist - 5cm (that's 2 inches!)
    Hips - same
    Bust - 5.5 cm  (that's 2.2 inches!)
    Arms - same
    Thighs - 2.5 cm (that's 1 inch!) 

    To do the DVD all you need is a pair of weights and a mat! I use 3 pounds of weight for reference, make sure you have water close by its so exhausting! 

    FayellaFairy xxx

    Nails of the day 02/05

    Here's a quick blog post of my nails of the day, in keeping with my more summery mood, ive decided to splash on Nails Inc Palace Mews. I was lucky enough to find this lurking in my local charity shop for 10p! I love this colour!

    This colour is also on my toes too!


    Sunday, 1 May 2011

    Some of my make up collection

    I don't know about you but i love looking in people's wardrobes and make up stashes, so i thought id show some of my make up, I have quite a bit but not as much as some people, i quite like having alot to choose from. 

    My Mac palettes 

    The left is eyeshadows and the right is blush
    My Urban Decay NAKED palette and Benefit Big beautiful eyes set 

    This is how i keep my palettes 

    Primers and setting sprays (p.s uploading these images is making them turn the wrong way)

    Foundations and powders mac to rimmel 

    My brushes - all sorts mac, sigma, benefit, stila etc (yes they need cleaning) 

    Some of my blush, highlights, beauty poweders, MSF's etc - mac, benefit, nars, mememe, elf etc

    Lipsticks Lime crime, Mac Rimmel and Nyx - i've only been interested in lipstick for less than a year and i now officially love lipstick! 

    Lipglosses - i recently purged a load of gloss on big wardrobe and this is what i have left - MAC, Bourjous, Dior, Avon etc 

    Mac limited edition Smokey Thrillseekers pigment set - from Tartan Tale

    Eyeshadows - i usually use my naked palette and my mac palettes but here i have some GOSH, Smashbox, MAC, MUA, rimmel etc

    Mascaras, eye pencils and liquid liners Mac benefit, elf, GOSH Mostly in black

    And that's most but not all of what i own, i decided to picture what i thought was the most exciting things! Also i just found this picture of my nail stickers i said i purchased a while back, they aren't easy to apply and mine all fell of within seconds! id give it another go at some point though.

    FayellaFairy xxxx