Sunday, 1 May 2011

Some of my make up collection

I don't know about you but i love looking in people's wardrobes and make up stashes, so i thought id show some of my make up, I have quite a bit but not as much as some people, i quite like having alot to choose from. 

My Mac palettes 

The left is eyeshadows and the right is blush
My Urban Decay NAKED palette and Benefit Big beautiful eyes set 

This is how i keep my palettes 

Primers and setting sprays (p.s uploading these images is making them turn the wrong way)

Foundations and powders mac to rimmel 

My brushes - all sorts mac, sigma, benefit, stila etc (yes they need cleaning) 

Some of my blush, highlights, beauty poweders, MSF's etc - mac, benefit, nars, mememe, elf etc

Lipsticks Lime crime, Mac Rimmel and Nyx - i've only been interested in lipstick for less than a year and i now officially love lipstick! 

Lipglosses - i recently purged a load of gloss on big wardrobe and this is what i have left - MAC, Bourjous, Dior, Avon etc 

Mac limited edition Smokey Thrillseekers pigment set - from Tartan Tale

Eyeshadows - i usually use my naked palette and my mac palettes but here i have some GOSH, Smashbox, MAC, MUA, rimmel etc

Mascaras, eye pencils and liquid liners Mac benefit, elf, GOSH Mostly in black

And that's most but not all of what i own, i decided to picture what i thought was the most exciting things! Also i just found this picture of my nail stickers i said i purchased a while back, they aren't easy to apply and mine all fell of within seconds! id give it another go at some point though.

FayellaFairy xxxx


  1. That is crazy, I wouldn;t have space to keep all that. I think I need to upload of pic of my make up collection for comparison. It all fits in one make-up bag! Have you ever worked out how much you have spent on it all?

  2. Those nail stickers are always being bragged about but everyone I know who isn't a nail expert things they're hard to apply! Major flaw!

  3. Probably really obvious, but are those the mac pallettes where you de-pot the eyeshadows yourself? I was thinking of getting one since I have quite a few of the individual ones, but I've heard they're really hard to get out of the pots in the first place!?
    I'm really jealous of your Tartan Tale pigment set - I want it!! :) Lol xx

  4. @ I.S i hate to think what i've spent on that make up to be honest, i know its alot!i used to be like you believe it or not all i owned was, one black eyeliner, one white eye-liner and a lip gloss

    @meowcake - they are the worst thing ever to apply, i wish they had a lady near me to do it but there no-one, you would think they'd make it easy since they are widely available

    @Debbie - the palettes you buy seperatly, they used to be £11 but i havent checked since VAT increase and then you can buy the refill shadows at £9.50 to put in it which already have a magnet to slot in, however i have heard of people depoting eye-shadow and putting them in the palettes, but in this case ive just brought everything how it is from mac

  5. That makes sense! I've only recently (like in the last few months) started buying a lot of mac makeup. I didn't actually realise you could buy the refill shadows! That's good to know :) x