Monday, 2 May 2011

The difference the shred has made - Day 13

I take 2 days off the shred during the week to make sure i don't get ill over doing myself! (i overdid it the first time i tried it and ended up in bed for 3 days) I haven't got pictures that i'm willing to show just yet but thought id talk pounds and inches! (in my case cm's) 

As i think i've reported I lost 6 pounds in the last 2 weeks by following the Weight Watchers plan and doing the 30 day shred DVD by Jillian Michaels!

So on to to cms lost 

Waist - 5cm (that's 2 inches!)
Hips - same
Bust - 5.5 cm  (that's 2.2 inches!)
Arms - same
Thighs - 2.5 cm (that's 1 inch!) 

To do the DVD all you need is a pair of weights and a mat! I use 3 pounds of weight for reference, make sure you have water close by its so exhausting! 

FayellaFairy xxx

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