Sunday, 15 May 2011

Recent swaps from if you don't already know, is one of the biggest swap site for girls that i know of! If you haven't already joined then please do so here....

So here's the swaps ive been lucky enough to get of Big Wardrobe

Topshop Poppy Dress

M.A.C Giggly

M.A.C Blooming Lovely

A bundle of 15 tops

Topshop horse jumper
Pair of beige wedges 

the wedges are sooooo much better in real life! 

FayellaFairy xxx


  1. well done,some fab swaps there,i wanted that horse top lol :P

  2. Wow, you've done well this week! :)

  3. @mixnmatch - and i saw you inquire about the wedges! we have the same taste definitely,

    @debbie - this is everything since my last blog post, swaps are generally quiet for me unless i go round everyone asking for swaps x