Wednesday, 29 June 2011

30 day shred! PASS! and healthy eating etc!

I did finish about a month ago and i did more than 30 days and i did it! I'm proud of myself but i don't have the last ten days result, reason being is some things have been happening recently and i didn't take the pictures/weight or measurements. I know that this is a disappointing end to something ive worked so hard on but unfortunately thats the way it is.....But hey! i done it! I'd recommend it for anyone who wants to tone up and exercise. 

I'm going to admit i put the weight i lost back on because of circumstances however, stomach tone looks loads better then before though so all is not totally lost! I'm going back into healthy eating starting from today! woop! I'm aiming for a stone of weight loss at first and i'm going to document it on here.

To track diet and exercise, I will be using an app on my phone called myfitnesspal also available online at

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Lee Stafford Poker straight flat iron spray - review

So, as you may know this product came up in a recent boots haul. Ive noticed I tend to haul products and then don't really talk about them so ive decided to review the products Ive brought.

Price: Boots 5.89
The first thing i done when i picked this up was smell it. Might be strange, but to like a product, I feel I have to like the smell of it too. This smells nice, it does remind me of a scent but I cant place it. I spray this this all over my hair after ive washed and conditioned it. I then blowdry and take sections of my hair and spray this again, then straighten my hair. 

My original hair (before straightening) is curly and prone to puffing in heat, its not afro but my dad has afro hair so my hair isn't the easiest hair to deal with. However this product makes my hair smooth, shiny and straighter than without use, smells good and im glad I found this product!

Holy Grail product? Yes, I think so!! 


Friday, 24 June 2011

Guest Blogging

Hello everyone,

Just to let you know, I have composed a guest blog post on from fallen angel to yummy mummy on her blog here  

Here I talk about make up trends for summer 2011 

Lots of love 
FayellaFairy xxx

Collective Haul

Good Afternoon,

I've been so behind on the things I wanted to show you, so before I buy anything else i thought id make a collective haul blog post. 

1. Topshop shorts from

2. Studded rare dress from

3. River Island red dress from Big 

4. New look Peter pan dress 

5. Topshop playsuit from Topshop

6. Biker Jacket from Topshop

7. Eyeko graffiti eyeliner pen in Jet Black

Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner Pen

8. Eyeko cream 

9. Eyeko Coral Polish 
Eyeko Coral Polish
10. Eyeko Vintage Polish 

Eyeko Vintage Polish
11. Miss Selfridge oriental print belt dress 

12. Miss Selfridge White pussybow drop shirt

Photo 1 of Cream Pussybow Shirt

13. Miss Selfridge Black twill drop pocket jacket

14. Miss Selfridge leggings 

15. Miss Selfridge chiffon blazer 

16. Urban Decay rocks stick on Gems 
Urban Decay by Urban Decay Rocks

FayellaFairy xxx

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Another U.K version of Glossybox/Birchbox

Hey Girls,

If you missed out on Glossybox or feel like your waiting forever as the demand is so high,I thought id let you all know about another U.K version called Boudoir Prive. At the moment they are only interested in receiving email signup. 

As Glossy box the box is £10 a month to receive 6 high end beauty samples, that's one more sample than Glossybox! If im allowed to get a Boudoir Prive Box then i will get both Glossybox and Boudior Prive.

Click Here to show interest in the launch of Boudoir Prive. 

FayellaFairy xx 

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Happy Wednesday - Free nails inc

Happy Wednesday!

Nails Inc are really pulling out all the stops of recent and they are offering there products free with pretty much everything! As you may know recently they were in In Style mag, which I went to pick up but i found one and the nail vanish had been stolen!! So I did miss out on that!

First off, this starting this Sunday in News of the world you can get 2 nails inc polishes free! To do this you need to collect three different tokens from Fabulous magazine in the News Of The World on any three of the following four Sundays: 19 & 26 June, 3 & 10 July . There is one token per paper (£1 each). Take the vouchers to your nearest Tesco between 3 July and 11 July 2011 to get the varnish. Available at bigger Tesco stores only.

Then we have the diet coke offer in Boots which is still going on until the 20th of June! Buy two 500ml bottles of diet Coke and you can receive one of these four polish's 

Then we have another boots offer! You can get one of following Nails Inc beauts when you buy dove beauty finish deodrants in Boots starting from today! 

and if that isnt already enough they've also teamed up with Malibu to offer one free nails vansh with every two Malibu drinks brought, one drink for you and one for a friend, not two for yourself! Drink responsibly and all that! ;) Available at participating bars, unfortunately i cant find a list! You can bag yourself one of these 3 cuties!!

I'm on a mission then!! Are you? 

I probably wont be able to fetch them all but I will try! And if there any you know of any other Nail Inc offers that i missed out do let me know! 
FayellaFairy xx

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

My first nail art attempt

Seeing as I'm in no way artistic, I'm really pleased with my first nail art attempt which I did completely free hand. I've been so inspired by the latest nails art looks that I decided to create my own look. 

I'm hoping to get myself some bits that will make this easier to create, including stencils, nail art pens, the cheaper version of minx and loads more gems!

I created this look by using a black polish I cant even tell you what it is as the label has completely worn, Models Own in Champagne and Avon matte in Violetta and adding Urban decay rocks!

I'm really loving the nails own polish in champagne! As they say practice makes perfect and I hope to perfect my nail art quite a bit!!

FayellaFairy xxx

Boots Haul - and a bit of reviewing!

I couldn't resist when I saw 75% off Ruby and Millie, the deal went round the whole of Money saving expert so I only bagged myself 3 items but hey better than nothing! I had also been 'fantasy shopping' only with two items so I got them too as they were left in my shopping bag.

Ruby and Millie Complete Bronze kit - Was £15.00 Now £3.75

So far I've tried this out once and so far so good! and what a bargain price!

Ruby and Millie lip gloss in coral Was £8.50  Now £3.00

Tried once looks clear on my lips but they are quite have wanted more colour on my lips for £8.50 but happy I paid £3. I'll stick with it and check back!

Ruby and Millie nail colour blue was £10.00 now £2.50

Haven't had a chance to use this yet have loads of nail vanish's to try at the moment! The reason the Ruby and Millie is so cheap as its being discontinued from boots stores...BYE BYE Ruby and Millie, will you miss them? To be honest this was my first ever purchase from this brand! 

Models Own Nail Polish in Champagne -£5.00

Fabulous colour I do have a picture of this on my nails on my iPhone, but camera and scanner wizard keeps telling me there's no pictures on my device and there certainly is! Check back ill try and get the picture of this up! 

Lee Stafford Poker Straight Flat Iron Protection Mist 200ml - £5.89

Haven't used this yet but it smells amazing, smells like a spray or perfume i once owned but cant place it!
Do you have any products from this haul? What do you think? Are you sad to see Ruby and Millie go? 

Boots also sent me a Champneys sample which was nice and talking of samples here's my freebies from Naturisimo

I really like  the Juice Beauty products i've used so far!

Have a good day
FayellaFairy xxx 

Friday, 10 June 2011

OOTD and face of the day


Topshop Pu Biker Jacket -£55
River island bow tunic - £19.99
Miss Selfridge Leggings - £11


Smashbox photo finish primer
Mac studio fix fluid -NC40
Eyeko eye cream
Eyeko Graffiti Pen on upper and lower lashline
Urban Decay Naked palette - Toasted on lid, hustle on outer V and crease naked brow highlight
Ruby and Millie bronzer pack cheeks - nose and forehead
Ruby and millie lip gloss in Coral

Hope you like it
FayellaFairy xxx

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

10 things you may not know about me!

I tend to keep my private life to myself and i don't rant because i like to keep this 'my happy little place' so I thought id do a little blog post with 10 things you may not know about me! Just so my lovely readers can get a taste of who I am..

1. I used to practice Tae Kwon Do, I was 1/4 of the way to black belt and won a bronze medal for sparring. 

2. I'm half Jamaican 

3. I've swam a half marathon for cancer, I did train but not hard enough I never swam 13 miles until the big day, its a charity close to my heart, my mum died of cancer when I was 12

4. I was once rescued by a lifeguard, I couldn't swim at the time and I was trying to rescue a friend! we still speak on Facebook today!

5. I once thought you could paddle in a river, I got a cut on my foot and a few days later I went to Wales, i ended up is a Welsh hospital my foot was infected.....eurghhh! 

6. I got engaged to my partner (that I first met when I was 16) in Canary Wharf London 

7. I have two sisters and one brother! Lia, Mica and Evan, Lia and Mica is an anagram of my daughters name, can you work it out?

8.  I was in the movie Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone and yes you can see me! Cringe!!

9. I've never broken any bones ever....and I hope to keep it this way! I have a ganglion on my right hand hence why you always see my left in photos!

10. I'm rubbish at remembering what films i've watched. If people ask me if i've watched a certain film 9 times out of ten i need the plot to be able to answer! 

So yes! I hope some of these are slightly surprising or interesting! and do link me if you make a post like this too! 

FayellaFairy xxx

Monday, 6 June 2011

My Weekend

So without getting into the palava that is my personal life right now, i still managed to have a good weekend!

The weekend started with a fabulous trip to the local pick your own and at the moment strawberries are in season so we picked two baskets full. 

Baby E getting very involved

Then we went to the park 

                                             'Baby E', 'M' and I having fun on the see-saw

We then went up to St Albans to see all my extended family which was fab! we had some drinks and a barbie on the go and it was just a lovely chilled out day seeing everyone!

Baby E at the BBQ being gentle and lovely with my newest cousin 'C'

My auntie has two children and so do I. The age gap isn't to different and it was lovely to see mine and my aunties children getting along so well. M is in love with my other aunties child 'O'. O is in senior school and a gymnastics sensation and i think 'O' is 'M's idol.

I wrapped up my weekend with a trip to Costco, lol not the most exciting thing ever but don't you just love it! Muffins and danish's the size of your head! 

So today has been like Christmas! I had a voucher to spend at house of Frazer so i spent that and when i got home most of my deliveries turned up. House of Frazer haul will be up soon. Haven't got itunes installed on this pc and im away from home still so i cant upload from my I phone how annoying! 

Have a good evening 
FayellaFairy xxx

Sunday, 5 June 2011

River Island Haul

As usual theres a sale on at River Island, but some more things had been added to the sale since last time i looked so most of the items are from the sale. I wish I could have picked up more but I was on bit of a budget so here's what I got...

Cream Aline Peter pan tunic - £19.99

Cream Rose Burnout Vest  - £10.00 down from £19.99

Cream Lace Bow Tunic - £15.00 down from 29.99

Beige Fallaway Cardigan - £8.00 down from £16.99

I know its all a little samey but i was hoping to jazz the up the look with my leather jacket , blazers, leggings and skinny jeans and general accessories

FayellaFairy xxx

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Naturisimo Deal - 15 sample products free!

Naturisimo are offereing free sample products and free P&P, you can get  5 free samples from Naturisimo anyway so click this link to get your free 5 samples

Once you chosen your free 5 products, purchase something! Personally ive been after a good quality body brush  so that's what i purchased but if you search around you can purchase something for as little as £2.95! Then when at checkout enter this code '10pack' and wolah! 

15 free Samples! I think its a lovely way to test new products and im on the search for the PERFECT  skin care regime! 

Offer ends today 

FayellaFairy xxx 

What i'm Loving in the month of April/May

Hey everyone, im currently away from home but will still try and post to my blog, So i'm going to start doing this every 4 weeks - I wont be doing repeats even if i'm still loving that item as its more interesting to talk about new things!

Clothes and accessories 

My new denim jacket from Soul cal @ Republic

My Topshop biker jacket

Maxi dress from F&F at Tesco 

My d&g watch ive had this for a few years now and i love it


M.A.C blooming lovely

M.A.C Candy yum yum

Alterna caviar Anti Ageing rapid repair spray

This was from my lovely glossy box and im totally in love with this product , i would probably buy it its made a good difference to my hair.

I know this was all a little sparse but im in the middle of trying new products and using different things and don't want to list them as favourite until i given them a good trial.  

Have a good day
FayellaFairy xx