Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Republic shopping - inspiration and yesterday OOTD

At the weekend I did a bit of on-line shopping at Republic and this is what I got... 

Miso Floral Pocket Playsuit - £24.99

and then this Soul Cal Deluxe Vintage Denim jacket for £34.99

Love this stuff i brought and im wearing the denim jacket over a maxi dress today! 

A little inspiration from a very healthy looking person! Jordin Sparks has lost 30Lbs and looks amazing! She recently posted this picture up of her now on Twitter 


 I'll definitely aspire to have that body i think its very healthy with amazing curves! 

And on to OOTD for yesterday, bit cold yesterday so I wore as follows


Jeans - River Island (I Think ive had them about 2/3 years)
Top - River Island (cant remember price but they have one in similar at the moment for £29.99)
Cardigan - river island navy edge to edge button cardigan - £32.99 (They have white and orange colour-ways in at the moment)
Nails - Palace mews but Nails inc  - 10p Charity Shop

Better Picture of the cardigan! 

I'm still shredding guys day 15 today! Half way there! Really feel like i'm going to make it to the end! Just need to decide what DVD I will do next! Not sure whether to do another of her DVD's or do one of the Shaun T DVD's. The Boy is taking me to dinner tomorrow night, definitely going to wear the nude ASOS heels from this Post. Got them yesterday and i love them even more in the flesh! Will defo do a OOTD when i go out tommorow! 

Thats all for now, thanks for reading!
FayellaFairy xxx


  1. Ah you're doing so well getting fit! I went from doing no exercise except walking to doing min 30 mins a day muscle and aerobic stuff on my wii fit plus. Started over 2 weeks ago and havn't missed a day yet! not brave enough to go to a gym so this is perfect for me. Feel so much more toned already. Keep going cos you are keeping me motivated!

  2. well done on sticking to the shred :)
    i love,love,love the republic stuff and the river island cardi,we have very similar taste i think :)

  3. @ I.S I feel better to write about it as it keeps me motivated and i love comments about it, as that keeps me even more motivated, i feel toned aswell even though its covered by fat but i cant wait to carry on and totally transform my body!

    @mixnmatch - i think we do have similar tastes, we both have the same purse too and the river island bracelet you posted about, i totally had my eye on it!