Monday, 28 February 2011

Mannequin Hands

This spring 2011 mannequin nails are all the rage! 

heres my attempt 

To create this look i used OPI Dulce de leche (which is easily found from online stores and ebay) and Jessica brilliance top coat which i purchased here

Its best to used a shade at lease 2/3 lighter or darker than your skintone

Friday, 25 February 2011

My river island purchases

I've been going on a little bit about summer recently and im so excited about my new river island purchases as follows:

Firstly, i got these lovely house of holland mock suspender tights (£12.00) , i think these would jazz up any going out dress and recently House Of Holland tights have been seen on loads of celebs such as Pixie Lott and Frankie Sanford

I then put this lovely pink print crochet kimono dress in my basket (£39.99) 
I then picked up this  cream pearl scarf up in the sale was 29.99 now £10.00
Ive been lusting over cable knit socks for a while now and picked up these over the knee cable wooly socks £6.99
Even though i picked up some funky tees and vests to wear over skinny jeans and leggings recently, i couldn't resist this little ballet pump print vest top £16.99

As per my last post, i need a thin beige/tan belt, so i picked up this cute beige bow and stud skinny belt £14.99

Im loving light colours and chiffon so i picked up this cream chiffon victoriana tunic (£26.99) to wear over leggings 
So that was a little spring/summer 2011 shopping that i done, what have you picked up recently? 

Today 25/02/2011 river island are offering free standard delivery (no code) ends today at midnight 

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Ebay bordem and swapping

I used a website called with allows you to swap and sell clothes, if you happen to join then do let me know first and ill link you in as a friend of mine

I swapped this new look coat 

for this amazing topshop illustrated people cardigan and it looks so much better in real life 
The lady i swapped this with, ive swapped with many times and shes a friendly and fab member so you can make some good online friends too!

So on to ebay, recently ive stayed away from facebook and put all my efforts into finding a new summer wardrobe 'on the cheap' until funds become available, which they will soon so im going to show you a haul of lovely summer bits im buying friday until then enjoy my frugal purchases

first this lovely Next jumper which i purchased for £1.04

next i brought this Topshop jumper for £1.04 there are some studs missing so im going to replace them with my handy GEM-TAC glue

Then i brought this river island top for £4.50 
and this river island top for 99p 

this river island dress for £2.39
this river island top for £3.99

this river island top for £9.39 which for some silly reason i see going for like £30 on sunday am i missing something is highly sort after? 

and thats it, ive already received the top two items and im eagerly awaiting the rest, felt like my wardrobe needed a little refresh :) 

Moral of the story dont let me get bored with paypal funds 

Weight watchers - Lamb Tagine

So today I decided to make a new to me recipe out the the Weight watchers 'seriously satisfying' recipe book 
check here to buy the book i got my recipe book together and got out my ingredients 

These are all the spices needed onto one plate (cinnamon,chilli spice,turmeric, coriander ground and ginger)  and then you roll cubed lamb steaks into the mixture and fry for about 5 mins 
 you then add the rest of the ingredients to the frying pan which is garlic, lamb stock,passata raisins, onion , you then cover this over and wack it in the oven for an hour 
 Meanwhile, you add water to the cous cous and leave it to soak and fluff it up 10 mins later, grate some lemon zest then quarter the lemon and put in into a roasting tin, cut up peppers and spinkle over roughly crushed up coriander in the oven for 45 mins
 and an hour later you have this WOAHLA!

10 propoints and a little bit different from the norm 

Weight watchers

A few of you may know that i'm currently on weight watchers, my leader just posted this on facebook and i think its so true.....something to think about
"You have to work at WeightWatchers! 
You can't just hand over your money & sit back & expect to lose weight. You choose what you eat, when you eat it, how much you eat. How much you exercise, if you exercise at all. You choose how much of the plan information you read, how much effort you put in to... following the plan, reading the plan, understanding the plan."

A written Blog

If anything, i'm certainly better at written than oral. So ive decided to write here all things to do with my life,be it children, make up fashion and anything in between. Im also following the weight watchers plan so if your losing weight we can share our high and lows! Ive got a few things id love to talk about with you guys, so watch this space and i hope you enjoy!