Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Ebay bordem and swapping

I used a website called with allows you to swap and sell clothes, if you happen to join then do let me know first and ill link you in as a friend of mine

I swapped this new look coat 

for this amazing topshop illustrated people cardigan and it looks so much better in real life 
The lady i swapped this with, ive swapped with many times and shes a friendly and fab member so you can make some good online friends too!

So on to ebay, recently ive stayed away from facebook and put all my efforts into finding a new summer wardrobe 'on the cheap' until funds become available, which they will soon so im going to show you a haul of lovely summer bits im buying friday until then enjoy my frugal purchases

first this lovely Next jumper which i purchased for £1.04

next i brought this Topshop jumper for £1.04 there are some studs missing so im going to replace them with my handy GEM-TAC glue

Then i brought this river island top for £4.50 
and this river island top for 99p 

this river island dress for £2.39
this river island top for £3.99

this river island top for £9.39 which for some silly reason i see going for like £30 on sunday am i missing something is highly sort after? 

and thats it, ive already received the top two items and im eagerly awaiting the rest, felt like my wardrobe needed a little refresh :) 

Moral of the story dont let me get bored with paypal funds 

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