Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Weight watchers - Lamb Tagine

So today I decided to make a new to me recipe out the the Weight watchers 'seriously satisfying' recipe book 
check here to buy the book i got my recipe book together and got out my ingredients 

These are all the spices needed onto one plate (cinnamon,chilli spice,turmeric, coriander ground and ginger)  and then you roll cubed lamb steaks into the mixture and fry for about 5 mins 
 you then add the rest of the ingredients to the frying pan which is garlic, lamb stock,passata raisins, onion , you then cover this over and wack it in the oven for an hour 
 Meanwhile, you add water to the cous cous and leave it to soak and fluff it up 10 mins later, grate some lemon zest then quarter the lemon and put in into a roasting tin, cut up peppers and spinkle over roughly crushed up coriander in the oven for 45 mins
 and an hour later you have this WOAHLA!

10 propoints and a little bit different from the norm 

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