Monday, 24 September 2012


When i'm having a really hard time getting of the chair and working out i look at Fitspo to give me that extra push that i feel i need. I dont think ill even be a thin as some of the pictures but here's some i do like

Sunday, 23 September 2012

I'm back

After a long time being incognito i've decided to come back to my blog. A lots been going on with work and looking after M and E, just general life but i'm back! 

You may remember i did the 30 days shred last year and completed it? I'm now on my last day of the week doing another Jillian DVD called Ripped in 30. 

Since i last spoke I've also had a bit of a hair cut and colour 

Hope you like ladies! Im off to do the last day of the 1st week for ripped in 30.

Speak soon
FayellaFairy xx 

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Westfields Shopping!

This weekend i went to Westfields nr Shepard's was amaze! I think i was embarrassing my friend i've never seen something so good! 

Here's what i picked up

Light denim super skinny jeans 

Black snakeskin pumps 

Black long line vest....its very simple but has a silky feel to it so its a little bit special shorter and the front and longer at the back

Then i picked up my trusty M.A.C foundation in NC40

Mac cosmetics UK - Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 - NC40

Very simple items but i wanted a bit of a refresh, whats on your hit list for spring 2012? 

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Happy new Year

I've totally been away with the fairies! Got the urge to blog today as its all peaceful here at Fayellafairy HQ at the moment, but life has been really hetic recently! I'm a recent singleton and back out into the ocean with all the fishes! I do have lots of new buys to share with you but for now ill talk about what i wore out the other night

Leopard top - Primark
black boob tube - Dorothy Perkins 
Wet look Leggings - River Island
Shoes - Missguided

As you may remember i had a fringe cut in, since then i've kept my fringe and had added professionally a browny red tone which isnt visible unless i'm in the sun. It comes out quite alot in the top right photo but in real life i feel it has more of a red than a brown tone. Soon to be added are some lovely extensions and i think from then on i'm going to change my look and wear my hair curly.

On this night out i did my smokey eye with my trusty MAC smokey eye pallete, bronzed my cheeks (elf duo bronzer) and added a nude lip   Mac nude rose and new id cosmetics lip gloss from a recent Boudior Prive (now Joliebox)

Hope your all well
FayellaFairy xx