Friday, 18 March 2011

Top 10 clothing items :)

Thought id do a fun thread as i didn't get anything in the post to talk about (and i'm still waiting for my kindle)  so i thought id share my top 10 existing wardrobe items in no particular order:

So firstly is this topshop ostrich feather skirt in a champangey type colour

next is my gorgeous Pauls boutique Roxanne bag in a taupey colour

Next this river island floral dress brought recently 

These river island shoes 

 These river island shoes boots

This river island tunic top
This river island chiffon nude scarf with pearl beads
This lauren moshi top
This topshop angel sleeve top/dress depending how tall your are
and last but not least my favourite river island jeans

And that its people, you can see a bit of a nude theme with some rock chick thrown its which is pretty much typical me.....whats your style trend?

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