Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Lusts and loves!

I was going to write a thread about all the things i'm lusting right now and i cant get hold of...However, i managed to get hold of all of them! YAY! 

Firstly, this lovely Topshop leopard fur pom pom coat, i couldn't get hold of it because it sold out in topshop, but i found mine on ebay and heres the beauty: 

As you can see this has also been spotted on KYLIE! 

These other items i was lusting til earlier today are some LE items from M.A.C, the reason i couldnt get hold of them was becuase the release date for these was the 3rd March, however theyve sent me an email and im now the proud owner of the following:

M.A.C Wonder Women lipgloss in wonder women

M.A.C wonder women lipgloss in athenas kiss
and last but not least Viva Glam GAGA 2 Lipstick

And thats all my lusts and loves for now x


  1. arent the lipglasses amazing! they are sooo BIG!!!



  2. i know i couldn't believe the size of the brush! or the size of the tube, i ordered online so didn't realise the size difference,until it came, i wore wonder women over Russian red! AMaZING!