Monday, 21 March 2011

My top 10 guilty pleasures

Though id do a fun little guilty pleasures post! So here goes...ive laid everything out on the table so to speak! 

1. Lying to the boy - Nothing serious just sometimes he'll say to me how much did you take out the bank account and i lower the number (he does swiftly check the bank account after asking though) or don't tell him about 'that thing' i brought off ebay, ill tell him something like it was a not a very good lyer....he knows lol...hes worse than me with spending in my opinion!

2. Eating out - i love rubbish food like KFC  and Mcdonalds and if i don't have at least one takeaway a week I feel a bit rubbish lol 

3. Facebook - i spend more time on facebook than id be willing to admit! 

4. Sleeping - i don't just mean your usual 8 hours sometimes i like to sleep for 12 hours or more, i never ever want to get out my bed and sometimes wish i could sleep all day

5. Glee - Secretly i like glee songs ....but in my defence these songs where somebody else's before hand...for instance a certain song firstly done by journey

6. Hotel goodies - If you dont nab them someone else will! The only hotel i didn't do this in was stocked with molton brown goodies......yeah i know what you thinking sillly girl! i would have taken them all....but they didn't make it worth my while they would have charged my credit card for it when you could buy them for the same price brand new at reception! 

7. Make up - i have more than ill ever need but continue to buy more....i just like the selection and the collection! 

8. Chocolate and wine! - i love a binge out on these two things.....well you only live once! 

9. The karaoke machine! - my friend has one and ill go round to hers and sing all night and get very much fun 

10. Housework (not doing) - lol who likes housework certainly not me every-time i begin cleaning, hoovering, and the like, the first thing that pops into my head is 'why hasn't the boy hired someone to do this horrible job' 

Ive shown you mine you show me yours! 

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