Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Slendertone Flex

As you all know im on weight watchers, and trying to lose my baby weight, and as i like to call it my 'pooch' (t it this afternoon on 60 odd intensity. At first i wasn't sure if i was getting much effect but i used it 20 mins ago and it was DEFIANTLY working! Im going to use it everyday this week and ill let you knowhe lower stomach bluge you get after you have kids) needs rid off! I have borrowed my partner mums Slendertone flex machine. For people who dont know what slendertone is its a machine that gives off electrical current that stimulates the muscle to contract and release.
I used it yesterday and ive also used it today, I started off with setting one (15mins) with the max intensity being around 40 odd, i used it this morning on setting 2 (20mins) and got to 50 odd intensity, ive used

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