Thursday, 7 April 2011

Total Tropicana

Asos sent me a magazine the other day so i had a quick flick through, and as cute as the 'Totally Tropical' article was, i don't think ill be wearing any of it, i'm not denying that i didn't think some of it was very cute but ive decided to do my own take on it with items i probably wont buy but would wear.

So here's my take on it, you will now find out im totally coral obsessed....

P.S None of it is meant to match. these are just key pieces that i'd wear with other items in my wardrobe to create a summer tropical look 

Strapless mini dress
70 EUR -

TopShop floral top
$40 -

River Island coral top
33 GBP -

Roksanda ilincic
$1,180 -

TopShop one shoulder romper
$66 -

Christian louboutin heels
$1,195 -

Flap handbag
$149 -

Juicy Couture facets jewelry
$88 -

TopShop hair bow accessory
$15 -

River Island pink shawl
15 GBP -

Planar Bureau - Push Touch Hardware
$3,750 -


  1. Ah lovely! Makes me want to book my holiday now! I see you have joined Polyvore cos I got your contact request! addictive isn't it!

  2. it is realy really addictive i love flicking throught the clothes and picking out my favourite bits to creat a mood board lol, so much fun! and they make it very easy to post it to blogs, also like the layout, like the way it show eveything in the mood board and the user just has to click to buy