Saturday, 23 April 2011

Spring/Summer hair trends 2011

Hi guys, the whole world seems to be house clearing and me and the boy are doing exactly that! The local tip has queues and queues of cars outside! I know its a little bit to nice to be clearing out but i feel a like my house is a little bit of a charity shop (may i add a really good one). Anyway i thought id just show you a few of my favourite hair styles!

1. SEX HAIR! I always have my hair cut so its long at the bottom and short at the top. To create 'sex hair' i first straighten my hair, I then ruff it up a bit (you can back comb the roots to do this). i will then hair spray the hair and add Tigi Root Boost to the roots and done! 

2. High Messy Bun (chignon - shin-yon) - This is obviously very quick and easy! First i put my hair as if it going into a really high pony tail, then i twist my hair around itself and tie up with a hair band (you can also secure this with bobby pins, i just don't have any atm). I then play about with the bun so its quite messy. i then use a pretty headband to jazz up the look 

3. Double knot - take two sections of hair tie it in a knot and then tie in a knot again, secure with bobby pins (this also work great on straight aswell as curly hair 

and there you have it! my favourite is messy up do! 
FayellaFairy xxx

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