Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Big wardrobe swaps, song of the day and my long weekend

Just thought id show some items ive had in swaps recently....

First, these fabulous faith heels with red sole cute!

Topshop cable leggings

Zara studded waistcoat

Topshop cream cardigan with gold balls all over

Paris motif jumper

Cheryl cole style dress
Topshop style high waisted mini skirt i was meant to get the grey but loat it and sent me a denim one instead, but looks like this

A fabulous bnwt miso dress...this is my favourite swap so far much better in real than in pictures
And then my fav person on bigwardrobe underthebirchtree is sending me this me this...nars blush in sex appeal (who ever though of the blush names for nars has sex on the brain...'deep throat' being the worse possible name for a blush!)

And birchtree was kind enough to pick me up 'Candy yum yum' from her local M.A.C store for me. Candy yum yum is from the 'Quite Cute' collection and is a VERY popular colour looking at my blog im following two people that have already picked up this gorgeous colour! Sold out online already which is where i mainly place my orders

On to my songs of the day! With the British sun showing it face this weekend, ive been partial to a little bit of loud music listening! Apart from blasting Queen out of my car (I went to see 'We Will Rock You' recently) lol ive been partial to these two songs, which make me want to dance!

Now onto my long weekend!

I had the greatest weekend i've had for a long time, with out going into huge details, ive been wanting to see all my old mates for a long time now but even more so due to some recent events and one called me up at weekend! my really good friend 'A', old picture but 'A' and I

We chilled out in the sun and had a drink, went out to eat (the boy and the kiddies came too ) and he cut my hair - BAD Iphone pic and i have no make up on :O just lipstick :) but you can see i now have a side fringe and my hair more smooth and healthy at the ends, i like the light feeling of your hair after a cut!

Apart from that ive been to family gatherings, on picnics and generally lazed around in the sun, but i also went to the long awaited Peppa Pig World at Paultons park!

Heres a few pics from the day!

And then a lovely pic of 'M' and I

I do recommend going if you have kids but as it opened recently there's such big queues for all the peppa rides (so much so that we didnt get to go on alot). 'M' is a big peppa fan and enjoyed it but next time i will take her when all the older ones are back at school. I love the way they thought all the rides and even statues out, everything is related to the program and the kids can already relate everything to see to the show. There's a special Peppa pig shop and I was delighted to see the prices of Peppa merchandise haven't been inflated, and costs what it will do in the shop. If i want to be really anal about things they should have put seprate toilets in the play area, the children have to come out the play area out side and round the side of the building. APART FROM THAT A MUST FOR ALL PEPPA FANS! 


  1. great swaps,i wanna try the nars blush too.
    also loving jenny lopez's new song its fab :)

  2. Oh, you've got some lovely stuff there! Under the birch tree is fab isn't she, I love her stuff!
    I'm loving the MAC quite cute collection too and have got St Germain on order.. can't wait for it to arrive! x

  3. @mix and match - thanks, nars is really lovely, but is quite pricey so i got all of mine of bigwardrobe

    @debbie i have St Germain it is beautiful, your be pleased to know it a regular colour, so if you like it there will always be one to pick up, nothing worse than falling in love with a LE colour.i heart birchtree!