Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Coca Cola Vanilla Lip Smacker

I was in Primark the other day to purchase some new panties, once at the checkout i noticed a bowl full of canned drinks style lip balms. I was in there 3/4 weeks previous so id already pointed it out to my partners mum who said she brought one for her young son. So I picked one up for the novelty factor and the fact they put the random bits out at the tills for people like me, who spend way more than they first anticipated. 

I paid £1.50 for this and I literally haven't put it down. It smells like cola bottle sweets which i personally love the smell of. I had dry lips when I first brought this and now they are lovely and smooth especially as I havent exfoliated my lips for a while.(not just a novelty it also works!) There's other flavours too including: Sprite, Coca Cola vanilla,cherry, Orignal, Fanta orange, pineapple and Strawberry and Dr Pepper.

Will you be picking some up? Do you already have them and what do you think? Or which flavours do you want/like best?

Im quite partial to trying them all out

FayellaFairy xxx

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