Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Magazine Freebies and Ciate

Free with Cosmopolitan magazine this month you get a free Missguided Nail polish worth £5. I got the colour across the top which I haven't tried out yet.

Free with Marie Claire this month you get a free Ciate lipgloss worth £9. You get to choose from Hot Pink Ibiza or Nude St Barts. I picked up Nude St Barts and I think it will be the perfect combo with some of my nude lipsticks.

I've officially jumped on the Ciate Bandwagon when I saw this code for £10 off  CTMC10 for ciate.co.uk, so you can get a nail vanish for free and then pay the £4.95 shipping fee but i went on to buy more and got my shipping free.

firstly got Cookies and Cream 


I think this colour is just right up my street. I love neutrals like this and hopefully I can get away with such colours when I start working. I love the signature bows on the nail polishes of this brand. I'm a bit of a sucker for packaging and I think this is very cute! 

Whist on the Ciate website I saw a gift set deal of £100 worth of product for £40, when i used my code i spent £39 including postage for the gift set and the nail vanish. A bargain hopefully!

This is the gift set: 

Which comes with 

  • White Chocolate Nail Polish Remover - They had me sold at white chocolate! costs £14 alone cute bottle that will look lovely on a vanity.
  • Miss Rich Nail Growth Promoting Balm -  costs £16 alone would look fabulous on a vanity! 
  • Love Me Oil - Cost £11 by itself, smells like cranberry, for dry cuticle and prevents hang nails
  • Underwear - Base Coat cost £11 alone
  •  Polish Grip - another base coat that acts like a primer to lock in colour and prevent chipping again costs £11  
  • Speed Coat - Fast Drying Top Coat cost £11 by itself, im running out of my trusty Jessica speed dry oil so hopefully this is a good contender.
  • The Glossip - £9 fabulous coral colour, think i'm becoming addicted to coral
  •  Cupcake Queen - £9 an iridescent hot pink 
  •  Sugared Almonds - £9 a pastel peach colours

Here's hoping Ciate is well worth every penny and cant wait to finally try out their nail range! 


  1. thanks for this,i will defo buy the cosmo and i like the look of the sugared almonds polish.
    what do you think of the olish,is it hardwearing? :)

  2. Hello! Haven't received my ciate order yet i've heard promising things, review on ciate to come x