Monday, 6 June 2011

My Weekend

So without getting into the palava that is my personal life right now, i still managed to have a good weekend!

The weekend started with a fabulous trip to the local pick your own and at the moment strawberries are in season so we picked two baskets full. 

Baby E getting very involved

Then we went to the park 

                                             'Baby E', 'M' and I having fun on the see-saw

We then went up to St Albans to see all my extended family which was fab! we had some drinks and a barbie on the go and it was just a lovely chilled out day seeing everyone!

Baby E at the BBQ being gentle and lovely with my newest cousin 'C'

My auntie has two children and so do I. The age gap isn't to different and it was lovely to see mine and my aunties children getting along so well. M is in love with my other aunties child 'O'. O is in senior school and a gymnastics sensation and i think 'O' is 'M's idol.

I wrapped up my weekend with a trip to Costco, lol not the most exciting thing ever but don't you just love it! Muffins and danish's the size of your head! 

So today has been like Christmas! I had a voucher to spend at house of Frazer so i spent that and when i got home most of my deliveries turned up. House of Frazer haul will be up soon. Haven't got itunes installed on this pc and im away from home still so i cant upload from my I phone how annoying! 

Have a good evening 
FayellaFairy xxx

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