Wednesday, 29 June 2011

30 day shred! PASS! and healthy eating etc!

I did finish about a month ago and i did more than 30 days and i did it! I'm proud of myself but i don't have the last ten days result, reason being is some things have been happening recently and i didn't take the pictures/weight or measurements. I know that this is a disappointing end to something ive worked so hard on but unfortunately thats the way it is.....But hey! i done it! I'd recommend it for anyone who wants to tone up and exercise. 

I'm going to admit i put the weight i lost back on because of circumstances however, stomach tone looks loads better then before though so all is not totally lost! I'm going back into healthy eating starting from today! woop! I'm aiming for a stone of weight loss at first and i'm going to document it on here.

To track diet and exercise, I will be using an app on my phone called myfitnesspal also available online at

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