Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Lee Stafford Poker straight flat iron spray - review

So, as you may know this product came up in a recent boots haul. Ive noticed I tend to haul products and then don't really talk about them so ive decided to review the products Ive brought.

Price: Boots 5.89
The first thing i done when i picked this up was smell it. Might be strange, but to like a product, I feel I have to like the smell of it too. This smells nice, it does remind me of a scent but I cant place it. I spray this this all over my hair after ive washed and conditioned it. I then blowdry and take sections of my hair and spray this again, then straighten my hair. 

My original hair (before straightening) is curly and prone to puffing in heat, its not afro but my dad has afro hair so my hair isn't the easiest hair to deal with. However this product makes my hair smooth, shiny and straighter than without use, smells good and im glad I found this product!

Holy Grail product? Yes, I think so!! 


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