Friday, 5 August 2011

Sally Hansen salon effects real nail polish strips - laced up review

So as you all may remember i got some items imported from America went family went to visit they brought me back the colour-way 'laced up'. I have to say they are super easy to apply and everything you need comes in the box. 

To prepare your nails firstly you need to clean and dry your nails, then push back your cuticle with the wooden stick included in the pack.

With the hot pink side of the file you then shape your nails

You then smooth your nails out with the white side of the file.

You then clean your nails with nail vanish remover to clean off any excess oil and dirt.

Select the best fitting nail strip for each of your nails, you then peel back the plastic cover.

Break the strip, then apply!

smooth the nail surface by using the flat end of the cuticle stick then file of excess with the light pink file.

then you get this! 


Dont they just look great! Not available in the U.k yet but I've heard they soon will be, if you to impatient like me then ask an American friend very nicely or seek on Ebay/Amazon. I must add these are made out of real nail polish, thus making it easier to apply than wraps. 

These are officially a dream product, what do you think of my next pick?

Glitz Blitz 


FayellaFairy xxx


  1. Ahhh these look lush! My US cousins are currently in the sky so I can't ask them to add this to the stuff they are bringing me :) Maybe if I am very nice to them they will search it out when they get back!