Monday, 13 January 2014

Purgatory Challenge Update


So the Purgatory ended in December and i'm pleased to say i did manage to have a clear out of Make-up and beauty supplies. I sold quite a few items of limited edition MAC that i find myself not using. Don't get me wrong, i do have a small collection of Limited edition mac that i use very often, however most has been purchased in the heat of the moment and for that reason wasn't really getting the use it deserved.

Some of the items removed and sold from the purgatory challenge included

  • Tartan tale smokey pigment set (I just don't use pigments it was a really wasted purchase on me)
  • Mac Petticoat MSF 
  • About 5 Mac Lipsticks 
  • Some 250- 300 items sold in beauty box bundles or given away in multiple challenges including recycled Secret Santa 
  • Illamasqua Nail vanishes and lipsticks
  • Bundle in the region of 25 nail polishes 
  • I also went through the bathroom and make up stash and binned about 25-30 items which were no good to me nor anyone else. 
So there's the conclusion of the purgatory challenge!

Have you had a make up and beauty stash clear out recently?
Lots of Love 
FayellaFairy xxx


  1. I am soo pleased I have got rid and cleared all mine out , you forget what you bought and have not use yet

  2. It so refreshing to clear out almost like a new start! Glad your clear out went really well :)