Friday, 21 June 2013

Purgatory Challenge

Hello Ladies

So I've been thinking about how much make up i have in my collection and how much of it is going unused or unloved for months on end. I've decided to call my new challenge 'the Purgatory Challenge'! Its basically a  use it or lose it challenge! I've given myself 6 months to over see my make up stash! 

What ill be doing is keeping the makeup ive used in a large box/maybe a draw that ive used in a 6 months period to separate it from the products i haven't used. If i haven't used it within 6 months it has to go! 

I figured this would be a good way to record what i like to use and what i dont use! I have to be tough on myself, i've figured i cant get through 30 mac lipsticks (and i have a few from other brands too Lime crime, rimmel etc) and 30 odd blushers before their expiry dates! 

Are you doing a similar challenge? Or would you like to join in this challenge? 

Love Fayellafairy xxx 

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