Thursday, 17 November 2011


Review on KMS California Hairstay style boost 

RRP £14.50 but i received this in a Glossybox!

What They Say?

'KMS hairstay style boost acts as a lightweight styling foundation, offering natural movement and bounce to your hair. Layer it with your favourite styling products and your style will last for up to 3x longer!
KMS Hairstay style boost allows reconstructing and conditioning agents to penetrate deep into the hair. Infused with pomegranate and pepper this foam to liquid formula provides heat protection and an invisible style foundation for all hair types. 
What I say? '
After washing and conditioning my hair i shake this product well, hold upside down and spray into the palm of my hand. It comes out as a foam and begins to crackle (quite loudly) and turns into liquid. once the cracking settle's down i distribute evenly into my towel dried hair. The Crackling did admittedly get rather annoying but i've gotten used to it now so its not really a problem. 
I have been using this product now every time i wash my hair, it smells slightly spicy which i don't find nice but then nor offensive . I layer this with other products, quite a few other products, and my hair feels completely weightless when its dry. Overall i really like this product and i am very happy i got it in a glossybox! Add this to my endless list of faves!  
FayellaFairy xxx

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