Tuesday, 11 October 2011

re- using my beauty boxes

It's fair to say that there are now lots of companies partaking in the latest beauty box craze. I have 3 boxes on the go Glossybox, Boudoir Prive and I'm due to get a November feel unique box. The boxes that they come in are such good quality that it would be a complete waste to throw them away. I was recently having a make up organising sesh and came up with this. These boxes are now organised into draws.  

Other ideas i've heard of are using the boxes to organise nail polish, putting gifts in for friends, keeping cables in and even using the pretty pattern on the inside for décor.

What do you do with yours? any other ideas?

FayellaFairy xx 


  1. Great idea, I'm thinking to do the same but I'd have to stack them and that'd be too annoying for me to faffle with to get my makeup. So I'm going to use them as gift boxes :)

  2. ive kept by boudoir prive box too,its just too pretty to chuck away :)